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Flood relief for all nsw north coast councils

The National Council for Local Government (NCLG) has confirmed that all NSW councils will receive funding to flood the north coast.

A letter from National Leader Tim Pallas to State Treasurer, Mike Nahan said the funding will "support the floodplains in south-eastern NSW and south-west WA".

"To ensure the floodplains can continue to support the northern environment for the time to come, we're confident that all councils will make sufficient funding available."

The council has been asked to provide the funding in one lump sum each. However, the total will not include funding provided by other state agencies.

Local councils will receive $988,093 for the flood relief in the north-eastern NSW town of Bayswater and $928,000 for the flood relief in the north west of NSW.

In North Sydney the council will get $738,000 for the flood relief and $400,000 for the flood mitigation, to help the floodplains in the northern towns.

The town of Rocklam, south-west NSW, receives $400,000 for the flood relief and $100,000 for the flood mitigation.


The council will receive $14 million for the north west areas of NSW including the towns of Atherton, St Helens and Mount Wilsons and the South Country.


For the north-eastern NSW region the council will receive $43.6 million for the floods in Mount Isa and Mount Lawley.

For the region the council will receive $6.4 million for the floods in Mount Isa and Mount Lawley.


Local councils will receive $3 million in the Northern Queensland town of Farmland to help with water and drainage.

The council received $2.7 million from WA's Water Utilities for water maintenance for the north east coastal areas.


The council in Queensland will receive $1 million to flood the region along with $500,000 for flood prevention and water conservation work.

In the region, the council will receive $1 million for flooding in Lismore with the other major locations receiving $750,000.

The council will receive $350,000 for the regional areas.

The council will receive $1.5 million for water and flood risk reduction.


The council will receive $3 million for th

10 charged in townsville drug transport crackdown

Drug trafficker who smuggled cocaine into Sydney'spent hours of the morning and evening working out his escape plan'

Drug smuggling charges for a Sydney truck driver and a crew member from the Gold Coast were finally dropped in the latest operation.

Both were charged in September over the cocaine smuggling scheme.

Police raided the truck where the drugs were recovered in March this year.

The charges were laid at the Gold Coast Court of Criminal Appeal on Tuesday morning.

Truck driver Matthew Heales from Gold Coast, who was jailed for two years in September 2015, was released from jail.

He spent seven hours of the morning and two hours of the evening working out his escape plan, police said.

The crew member on the Gold Coast, also named by police, was charged with conspiring to commit a drug offence.

His wife and two teenage boys were also charged with conspiracy to possess cannabis.

Both men will reappear in court on November 8.

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China sex show plans to reopen this year


A Melbourne escort agency says it is considering building an elaborate sex show at its central Melbourne studio.

The Melbourne escort Agency Fairies is set to start building a new show in its Perth studio from Saturday until September at 2:00pm.

A Melbourne escort agency called the Fairies, which was founded in the 1970s, says it is planning on "a real and unique event".

But a spokeswoman for the agency said the plans would not be built.

"Our main concern is a new show - we have not got anything in the pipeline," the spokesperson told 612 ABC Melbourne.

"We're currently not involved in anything like that in this state.

"It is something that, if we really wanted it, we would have done in the past but it's not something we are going to put our money on, so we are really focused on what the future will bring."

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Bulldogs suffer keating blow after loss at ANZ Stadium

The Cowboys had just made it three straight defeats on their new home turf, while they had lost three in a row at ANZ Stadium since taking over from North Queensland in December.

Dockers coach Jason Taumalolo, who had taken charge of the Kangaroos, said the loss did not bode well for his side's season.

"This game was a step down in our quality of game and a step down in the quality of our performance," he told the club's official website.

"I just feel a loss of composure, our mentality did not take off as we have all year at times.

"We made a really positive start in the first quarter but a step back in that third quarter was very disappointing to me.

"We were playing really well up there in the last quarter and certainly up there through the game we were in control.

"To lose three games in a row is unacceptable at all times, and we need to address it.

"We've got a lot to take out of it at the moment."

Brisbane Lions coach Neil Henry admitted it was an "unacceptable" result but said the club had a game plan to fix the deficiencies.

"The issue has been there for a long time, we're looking at a series of solutions to try and move on.

"That will include things like more good field position down in the goalposts, which is something the Broncos have failed to do but are still struggling with.

"We are looking at making some tough decisions in a way to try and make it right."
by VernonRet (2020-05-24 14:45) 


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Harbour team preparing for whale encounters at the New York City park

As the New York City Whale Encounter continues it's inaugural tour in the spring, the city's mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and his city council have announced they plan to expand a series of parks across the city to help visitors learn the basics of whale care and hunting.

The parks and beaches, set to open in June, will offer whale hunting, whale viewing stations, whale finning and a variety of guided tours.

De Blasio has long been concerned about marine mammals and hunting, saying they're one of the nation's greatest public safety threats.

READ MORE: New York City opens whale park, offers education tours

"It is unacceptable to see an individual swim in the waters of our city, the United States, a world leader in marine mammals conservation," he said in 2011.

He was later appointed to lead the city's marine mammal response team.

In 2014, the mayor issued a call for a "one-of-a-kind solution to whale preservation," as well as for the creation of a "special marine mammal recovery" program for the city.

De Blasio was also active in the fight for the whale display park after becoming mayor in 2015. He signed an executive order in the summer of 2016 calling for a two-year plan to improve marine mammal conservation and preserve the whales of Hudson Bay.

In 2016, the Park Service began to prepare to open a "whale museum" in Brooklyn.

"While we know no city in the world has enough whales to completely understand everything they do and the incredible diversity of their habitat, we have a plan to preserve whales, as they are so essential to our understanding of ocean biology and the world around us," the executive order read.

De Blasio is also hoping to get some help from scientists and other groups on conservation. He is hoping to ask the Department of the Interior to put forward a $350,000 grant to help start a dedicated program called the Hudson Bay Aquarium in the park of the same name.

The Aquarium would partner with whale lovers and support efforts to preserve a whale sanctuary in the park of the same name.

The city began to fund whale-rescue initiatives in the 1990s, after reports of the deaths of marine mammals at sea.

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Research reveals higher indigenous dementia rate among youth

A study of people who were found to have higher dementia rates at the age of 75 found that they would be at the highest risk of dying if they lived to be 92.

A study of people with dementia found lower dementia rates among those with higher self-reported ethnicity.

Cognitive impairment in people with dementia has also been shown to increase as they age.

Experts have linked dementia to a number of factors including poor sleep quality, physical activity, stress and poor social support.

There are about 2,500 people currently living with dementia worldwide, many living in remote areas or for long periods without any medical help.

As a general rule, those with dementia tend to live longer on average than the general population.
by VernonRet (2020-05-27 03:06) 


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Extended interview terence higgins speaks with 666

A short tape-taped interview with 666, the band behind The Lost Boys, discussing recent gigs in the UK and playing a live set on May 17, 2011 in Manchester, England.

We got into a discussion about how the band went about recording The Lost Boys' first LP The Lost Boys Of Death, and the band explained how they came to make The Lost Boys Of Death, and how they came up with the concept of being in a band with a different sound and attitude than most.

Here is a clip of the tape:

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Act anglicare ceo resigns from post of general secretary of the CGT in Spain," Mariano Javier Hernandez, who runs the news site El Mundo, said in an interview Tuesday.

"I cannot even consider, as an act of freedom, resigning from my post," he said.

Hernandez was joined at his Facebook news page by another former official of the union, Javier Hernández, who described Wednesday's developments as the result of "unfriendly, irresponsible and illegal actions" by Catalonia's government.

The former CGT general secretary was removed as regional secretary of Madrid City University because of his criticism of the Spanish government's handling of the crisis in Catalonia.

Since the crisis began in the region on Sep. 1, more than 900,000 Spaniards have signed a petition demanding the Spanish government withdraw its assistance for Catalonia. Some 300,000 people have left Catalonia as a result.

Hernandez quit his post in October 2013 after a week in which the Catalan government's decision to declare itself independent had upset hundreds of thousands of Spaniards living in Madrid.

Hernandez says he and other unionists quit the CGT only because they had received threats from the Spanish government that they would be prosecuted in Spain on charges of separatism or extremism or those who supported the declaration of independence.

The CGT called the threat of prosecution a "blatant lie" in a statement this week.

In another move that could set back further talks in the Catalan regional government's effort to reach a settlement, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced Friday he would dissolve the Catalan parliament.
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